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(archived) TM50: Energy efficiency in commercial kitchens (2009) (pdf)
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(archived) TM50: Energy efficiency in commercial kitchens (2009) (pdf)

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This edition of TM50 was superseded in 2021, and should not be used on current projects. The current edition can be found here:

Energy efficiency in commercial kitchens (2021)

Commercial kitchens are large users of gas, water and electrical energy, and can leave a large carbon footprint. It is estimated that the total energy consumption of Britain's catering industry is in excess of 21600 million kW·h per year.

This publication has been prepared jointly by CIBSE and the Catering for a Sustainable Future Group (CSFG) to provide industry-specific guidance and advice for kitchen designers, specifiers, installers, managers, operators, owners, and contract caterers in hotels, pubs, restaurants, business and industry, and all commercial kitchen facilities on sustainability, and how to reduce the amount of energy used. This in turn reduces the size of the kitchen's carbon emissions and its running costs.

This publication is not intended as a guide to commercial kitchen design, but aims to provide comprehensive and practical advice on energy saving measures that can be included in large and small kitchen operations, as well as providing benchmarks in terms of energy cost per meal. This publication does not advise on sustainability of the food supply chain.


1        New and existing kitchens

2        Refurbishment and replacement of kitchen equipment

3        Natural resources and basic kitchen structure

4        Basic kitchen materials

5        Environmental targets

6        Kitchen service requirements

7        Sub-metering and service supplies

8        Drainage and kitchen waste removal

9        Energy controls

10      Ventilation

11      Appliance, fabrication and utensil specification (all types)

12      Refrigeration

13      Warewashing: dishwashers and glasswashers

14      Cooking appliance selection

15      Water temperatures, taps, faucets and water saving controls

16      Kitchen layout

17      Installation, commissioning, handover and feedback

18      Documenting the kitchen

19      Managing the building

20      Maintenance and energy efficiency

21      Operational checklist

22      Energy audits and surveys

23      Energy and water benchmarking

24      Energy benchmarks




Principal authors: Members of the Catering for a Sustainable Future Group (CSFG) - a joint committee of the Catering Equipment Distributors Association (CEDA), the Catering Equipment Suppliers Association (CESA) and the Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI).

Task Groups

Chairs (WGs 1-7): Kerry Burnett (CDIS-KARM); Kate Gould (KEG Catering Consultants); Peter Sage-Passant (Mechline Developments Ltd.); Paul Bouscarle (Lincat Group plc); Mick Jary (Enodis UK) & Andrew Galeckyj (Foster Refrigerator UK Ltd.); Phil Gibson (Halton Vent Master Ltd.); Steve Wallace (Hobart UK)

Members: Peter Evans (Melink Europe Ltd.); Chris Hinton (Shine Food Machinery Ltd.); Tom Muirhead (Monika); Dave Ramscar (IDS Services (UK) Ltd.); John Quipp (Lincat Group plc); Paul Anderson (Rational UK Ltd.); Tony Galvin (A & E Partnership); Rag Hulait (Monika); Iain Munro (Scobie & McIntosh (Bakery Engineers) Ltd.); Bob Plumb (GWP Ltd.); Kevin Parry (Monika); Shane Pender (Marco); Alex McDonald (Mecserflex Ltd.); Bill Bradshaw (Monika); John Eaton (Salix Stainless Steel Fabrications Ltd.); Steve Elliot (AFE Serviceline); Malcolm Morris (Valentine Equipment Ltd.); Colin Nevitt (Falcon Foodservice Equipment); Eric Wintersgill (Lincat Group plc); David Holliday (Adande Refrigeration Ltd.); Glenn Roberts (Gram UK Ltd.); Jackie Snaith (Chapel Design); Allan Toulson (Lincat Group plc); Simon Wood (Monika); Richard Oakes (Foster Refrigerator UK Ltd.); Calton Clarke (CDIS-KARM); Peter

Evans (Melink Europe Ltd.); Andy Blake (Winterhalter Ltd.); Phil Davies (Trak Hupfer)

Working Group Technical Advisor: Dave Clarke (CDIS-KARM)

Referees John Fitzpatrick; David Hughes; Nick Oryino (Carford Group Ltd.); Peter Rogers (DPL Ventilation Ltd.); Bryan Whittaker

CSFG editor: Peter Sage-Passant (Mechline Developments Ltd.)

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