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CIBSE Case Study: EndoTherm Endo - Enterprises (UK)
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CIBSE Case Study: EndoTherm Endo - Enterprises (UK)

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CIBSE Energy Saving Product of the Year

Recognising outstanding products that will make significant contributions to improving building performance.

EndoTherm - Endo Enterprises (UK)

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All the numbers surrounding the EndoTherm energy saving central heating additive from Endo Enterprises are particularly impressive. For example, it has been independently proven to save 15% on heating bills and it is 100% organic, giving it an exceptionally low carbon footprint. On top of this, in the past 12 months, there have been multiple EndoTherm trial installations serving as case studies and savings have averaged at 17.5% (compensated with Degree Days) during that period.

EndoTherm is versatile, being designed for any wet heating system from traditional systems to ground and air source heat pumps, and solar thermal. The technology can also work to improve the energy efficiency of chilled water systems.

The way EndoTherm works is ingenious. It is dosed at just 1% and reduces the surface tension of water by more than 60%. This breaks down the hydrogen bonds in water, allowing it to spread more effectively over the surfaces of the system, increasing the surface area available for heat transfer.

This increased surface area improves heat transfer efficiency meaning rooms heat up more quickly and the boiler load is reduced to maintain temperature within a property. On top of this, radiators retain heat for longer and cool more slowly, and less fuel is consumed to maintain the thermostatically set temperature.

EndoTherm has been tested by ISO17025 test house Enertek International in Hull, which conducted a number of trials over a 12-month period before the product's launch. It recorded a 15% cut in energy bills. EndoTherm was also tested by the University of Central Lancaster and Tomorrow Air Solutions (on an air handling unit system) achieving 10.4% and 23.7% savings respectively).

EndoTherm can be installed in just 10-15 minutes, is completely organic and non-corrosive, and even has slight inhibitor properties.

Although there have been attempts to save energy by changing the physical chemistry of the water in a heating system before, none, according to Endo Enterprises (UK), have reached the same levels as EndoTherm.

And further developments are afoot with Endo Enterprises (UK) advancing the field of boundary layer thermodynamics, working with a number of universities around the country to develop the science behind the product.


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