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Guide M16 Training (2023)
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Guide M16 Training (2023)

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£10.00  +VAT
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£15.00  +VAT
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£7.50  +VAT

Guide M Maintenance engineering and management is considered the ‘go to’ guide for the facilities management industry. Everything you need to know about operating building services is introduced and explained in this guide, and references to more in-depth resources are also provided. The guide is based on UK best practice and has been updated for this third edition by volunteers, who each led on a chapter, or two, where they have knowledge of the subject and industry experience.

This document is intended to bring maintenance into a sharper focus by helping building and property operators become more aware of their responsibilities and duties. It will also help services designers to appreciate their role in providing installations that are safe, economic to maintain and operate, and capable of giving satisfactory performance over their full lifespan.

Version History

Guide M 2023 (pdf only): 28th September 2023

v1.1 (pdf only): 29th September 2023 - minor corrections to Part M11 (pdf only)

v1.2 (pdf only): 30th September 2023 - minor corrections to Part M15, further corrections to Part M11 (pdf only)

v1.3 (hard copy and pdf): 3rd October 2023 - corrections to Part M11 pages 11-8 and 11-9, including to the figures in Tables 11.1, 11.2, 11.3 and 11.4. These changes were made prior to printing; if you own a hard copy of Guide M, this is the version you own.

v1.4 (pdf, corrigendum to hard copy): 14th November 2023 - changes made to Part M2, page 2-15. If you own a hard copy of Guide M, you can download the corrigendum here.

Guide M Lead author: Joanna Harris, Sodexo

Chapter authors and contributors:

M16: Stephen Gathergood (Vinci Facilities), Chris Craggs (MCFT), Steven Van De Peer (Tetra Consulting), Steve Tomkins (ONE Creative environments), Tolu Fatogbe (Lambeth London Borough Council)

Peer reviewers: David Arnold (Troup Bywaters + Anders), Clive Batchelor (Hilson Moran), Michael Curran (University of Galway), Richard Davies (Evbex Ltd.)

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