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LG20 Lighting and facilities management (2020)
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LG20 Lighting and facilities management (2020)

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Lighting and facilities management is the first edition of a new SLL Lighting Guide, and is designed to assist facilities managers who are required to maintain, modify and update electric lighting installations.


  • Part 1: Facilities management and lighting — fundamentals
    • 1. Introduction
    • 2. Existing lighting installations and documentation
    • 3. Forms of maintenance and upgrades
    • 4. The Condition Report
    • 5. Developing a performance specification
  • Part 2: Lighting language — the basics
    • 6. The right light: luminaires and the quality of delivered light
    • 7. At the right time: lighting controls
    • 8. In the right place: photometry, modelling and luminaires by application
    • 9. Emergency lighting
    • 10. Project management
    • 11. Lighting energy benchmarking and the case for change
    • 12. Case studies
  • Appendix A: Suggested content for operations and maintenance manuals for electric lighting projects

Author: Sophie Parry (ZG Lighting (UK) Ltd.)

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