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LG05 Lighting for education (2011)
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LG05 Lighting for education (2011)

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Learning, whether by discussion, interaction, practical application or formal lecture, requires sufficient light to enable the pupils to see the visible information presented around them. Whether in a primary school classroom or a professional lecture theatre, whether for young or old, the quality of light in the learning environment will directly affect our learning experience and indeed our motivation to learn.

Lighting Guide LG5: Lighting for education offers guidance on the lighting of all educational spaces including lecture theatres, teaching rooms, conference rooms, special-purpose rooms (such as gymnasia, art rooms and dance studios), multi-purpose rooms etc. In addition to providing guidance on the lighting equipment and its positioning, LG5 considers other important factors such as the decoration and finishes of rooms, sightlines, positioning of lighting controls and access doors, all of which need to be taken into account from the earliest stages of the planning process.

This Guide is currently under review.


  • components of lighting design;
  • objectives and constraints;
  • lighting for visual function;
  • lighting for visual amenity;
  • lighting and architectural integration;
  • lighting and energy efficiency;
  • maintenance;
  • lighting costs;
  • lighting for health;
  • natural lighting;
  • electric lighting;
  • lighting the interior space;
  • daylighting;
  • lighting for particular applications;
  • general performance requirements for learning spaces;
  • areas with display screen equipment;
  • laboratories, workshops and other practical learning spaces;
  • sports halls and gymnasia;
  • general purpose halls, drama and dance studios;
  • lighting for whiteboards and projection screens;
  • lighting for pupils with visual and hearing impairments;
  • exterior lighting;
  • emergency lighting;
  • lighting and energy efficiency;
  • lighting maintenance;
  • management of lecture and conference spaces;
  • projection rooms and booths;
  • lighting costs;
  • equipment;
  • glossary of lighting terms.


Task Group Chair: I D Macrae (Thorn Lighting)

Members: A Bissell (Cundall LLP); R Daniels (Department for Education); B Etayo (Fulcrum First LLP); S Fotios (Sheffield University); P Raynam (University College London); T Ramasoot (Sheffield University)

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