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LG11 Surface reflectance and colour (2001)
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LG11 Surface reflectance and colour (2001)

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Lighting Guide 11 is one of a series of lighting guides produced by the Society of Light and Lighting, and deals with the specification and measurement of surface reflectance and colour. It will be of value to designers and specifiers, including architects and the designers of interiors and products as well as lighting specialists. It is seen as a work of reference as well as providing a tool for the practical assessment of surface reflectance.

Note: the surface reflectance sample card is not included in the PDF of LG11 due to the limitations of colour reproduction. The card can be purchased by CIBSE members for £5 plus postage, or by non-members for £10 plus postage. Click here to purchase: Surface reflectance sample card

Topics covered include:

  • Light reflecting properties of surfaces
  • Light reflecting properties of building materials
    • Reflectance of building materials
    • Colour of building materials
    • Surface finish of building materials
    • Surface deterioration and maintenance
    • Depreciation of luminaire performance
  • Surface colour specification
    • Munsell system
    • Natural Colour System
    • DIN system
    • BS 5252: 1976: Framework for colour co-ordination for building purposes
    • RAL design system
  • Measurement of reflectance and colour
    • Measurement using a spectrophotometer
    • Measurement using a calorimeter
    • Measurement using luminance and Illuminance meters
    • Field measurements using the reflectance sample card
    • Visual assessment
  • Reflectance and colour standards
  • Surface appearance


Task Group Chair: David Loe (Building Research Establishment)

Members: Teresa Goodman (National Physical Laboratory); Iain Maclean (lighting consultant); Keith Miller (DPA Lighting Consultants); Julie Taylor (National Physical Laboratory)

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