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LG19 Lighting for extreme conditions (2019)
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LG19 Lighting for extreme conditions (2019)

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This guide to lighting for extreme conditions is published by the Society of Light and Lighting, part of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers.

It is intended as an introduction to the subject for lighting engineers and designers, specifiers, users and students alike. Because of this aim of making the guide suitable for a wide readership, it has been written as a reference document of experience and has concentrated upon the practical applications of lighting in as many types of extreme applications as practically possible, and on giving proven solutions to practical problems.

The guide also includes up-to-date legislation where relevant and incorporates best practice principles throughout. Individual characteristics have been aligned to BS EN 12464-1: 2011 where possible, including the introduction of a distinction between task area and surrounding areas, and the subsequent recommendation of uniformity for those areas. Indeed, uniformity has been given far more importance throughout the guide, with recommended minimum values in the tables appertaining to each particular application.

Topics covered include:

Lighting considerations

The illuminance on the task

The plane of the task

Illuminance uniformity



Lighting of the general surround

Surface reflectances

Direct glare

Glare by reflection

Colour properties

Stroboscopic effects

Photobiological safety


Energy consumption


Cold environments

Hot environments

Dusty environments

Chemicals and chemical vapours

Submersion: pools, ponds and water features

Wash down/clean rooms

Marine (on-shore, off-shore and submersion)

Vibration, impact and vandalism

Explosive environments

Remote lighting techniques


Projector lighting

Panel lighting

Light guides

Emergency lighting


Extreme environments

Explosive environments


Lamp performance charts

Lighting design




General planning

Detailed planning

Author: David Holmes

Technical Editor: Peter Boyce

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