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Soft Landings Framework - Australia and New Zealand
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Soft Landings Framework - Australia and New Zealand

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In response to the on-going challenges of providing buildings that deliver best practice, not only in design but in construction and through into reliable long term operation, the Australian and New Zealand Region of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE ANZ) hosted a series of seminars throughout the ANZ Region. The objective of the seminar series was to bring to the attention of building services professionals across all spectrums of the industry the benefits of  applying the Soft Landings Framework to supporting building design and delivery.

Representatives attending the CIBSE ANZ seminar series included architects, services consultants, construction contractors, owner’s, agents, occupiers and operations managers. The series culminated in the convening of an industry group to help broaden the scope and knowledge of Soft Landings within Australia and New Zealand. 

This version of the Framework is the outcome of these efforts. It has been developed and tailored to the needs and specific contexts of Australia and New Zealand such that it can be more readily applied to the ANZ construction industry.

This Soft Landings Framework has been adapted for Australia and New Zealand from the original authored by Mark Way of the Darwin Consultancy and Bill Bordass of the Usable Buildings Trust, with assistance from Adrian Leaman and Building Use Studies, and Roderic Bunn of BSRIA.


Introduction - why bother with Soft Landings

The birth of Soft Landings

Background to Soft Landings

Introduction to the Soft Landings process

Stage 1: Inception and briefing
Stage 2: Design development and review
Stage 3: Pre-handover
Stage 4: Initial aftercare
Stage 5: Years 1–3 Extended aftercare and post-occupancy evaluation

Appendix A: Example worksheets

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