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(archived) TM08: Design notes for ductwork (pdf) (1983)
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(archived) TM08: Design notes for ductwork (pdf) (1983)

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This edition of TM08 has now been withdrawn. It is provided for reference purposes only, and must not be used on current projects. There is no new edition.


  1. Introduction
  2. Design information
  3. Pressure loss in ductwork
  4. Circular equivalents
  5. Standard ductwork sizes
  6. Duct sizing and pressure loss calculation
  7. Further aspects of design
  8. Commissioning and testing
  9. Overseas work
  10. Drawing symbols
  11. References and bibliography


A1. Properties of air

A2. Ductwork support loads

A3. Velocity pressure for air flow

A4. Conversion to SI units

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