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TM30 Improved life cycle performance of mechanical ventilation systems (2003)
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TM30 Improved life cycle performance of mechanical ventilation systems (2003)

Standard Rate
£75.00  +VAT
Member Rate
Standard Rate
£80.00  +VAT
Member Rate
£40.00  +VAT

Introduces designers to the performance standards for air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems originating from Part L (2002).

It will benefit anyone who wants to obtain a reliable prediction of costs of ownership of a ventilation system. It will be highly relevant to PFI bidders and to owners of systems.

Supplementary files: a supplemantry spreadsheet is associated with TM30. This can be downloaded here.


  • Reviews the opportunities for reducing whole-life costs of systems through better design and specification.
  • Considers the elements that contribute to the whole-life cost and discusses the relative impact of these aspects of the design and how their importance may change over the life of the system
  • Includes a methodology for assessing the whole-life cost which attempts to address all the issues systematically.
  • Demonstrates how the required levels of performance may be achieved and bettered.

TM30 is the result of research undertaken under the DTI’s ‘Partners in Innovation’ programme.


Task Group

Chair: S Irving (Faber Maunsell Ltd)

Members: D Braham (Termodeck); D Butler (Building Research Establishment Ltd); H Davies (CIBSE); P Grigg (Building Research Establishment Ltd); G Henderson (on behalf of DTI); D Henighan (Brook Crompton); R Keenan (Sheppard Robson); I Kinghorn (Flakt Woods Ltd); S Law (Faber Maunsell Ltd); J Mawdsley (Gilberts (Blackpool) Ltd); C Palfrey (Trox (UK) Ltd); K Richardson (Hotchkiss Ductwork Ltd); K Sargeant (NG Bailey & Co. Ltd); K Shenstone (Meica Services Ltd); G Smith (Flakt Woods Ltd); F Tarada (Trox (UK) Ltd); A Wilson (Faber Maunsell Ltd)

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