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TM35 Environmental performance toolkit for glazed facades (2004)
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TM35 Environmental performance toolkit for glazed facades (2004)

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This publication is based on a 2 year Partners-in-Innovation (PII) project sponsored by the Department of Trade and Industry, that conducted a comprehensive study on the overall performance of highly glazed facades.



  1. Introduction
  2. Building environmental performance criteria
  3. Thermal Modelling and the Facade Selector
  4. References
  5. Appendix: Facade classification matrix.

This publication is supported by a number of supplementary files that are freely available to download here


Principal author: Kai Lim (FaberMaunsell)

Project team: Kai Lim (FaberMaunsell); Simon Law (FaberMaunsell); Nigel Banks (FaberMaunsell); Christopher Pountney (FaberMaunsell); Chris Jones (Turner & Townsend Group)

Task Group

Members: K Lim, A Wilson, S Law, S Irving (FaberMaunsell Ltd); S Borland (Building Sciences Ltd); H Davis, M Holmes (CIBSE); R Buck (Colt Group Limited); G Henderson (Department of Trade and Industry); J Taylor (Parry Bowen Limited); R Wilberforce (Pilkington plc); S Cottee (Schüco International); B Keenan (Sheppard Robson); M Knowles (Stanhope plc); R Fry (Taylor Woodrow plc); C Jones (Turner & Townsend Group)

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