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(archived) TM54 Evaluating operational energy performance at design stage (pdf)
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(archived) TM54 Evaluating operational energy performance at design stage (pdf)

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This publication was superseded in January 2022 by TM54 Evaluating operational energy performance at the design stage, and should not be used on current projects.

Table of contents

  • Why estimate energy use?
    • Current situation
    • Evaluating energy use
  • Risks of evaluating energy use at the design stage
  • Principles of evaluating energy use
    • Principles of CIBSE TM22
    • Using dynamic simulation models
    • Assumptions and simplifications in models
    • Using benchmarks at early design stages
  • The methodology
    • Step 1: Establishing floor areas
    • Step 2: Estimating operating hours and occupancy factors
    • Step 3: Evaluating lighting energy use
    • Step 4: Evaluating energy use for lifts and escalators
    • Step 5: Evaluating energy use for small power
    • Step 6: Evaluating energy use for catering
    • Step 7: Evaluating energy use for server rooms
    • Step 8: Evaluating energy use of other equipment
    • Step 9: Evaluating energy use of domestic hot water
    • Step 10: Evaluating internal heat gains
    • Step 11: Evaluating energy use for space heating,cooling, fans and pumps
    • Step 12: Evaluating energy use for humidification and dehumidification
    • Step 13: Estimating management factors
    • Step 14: Running scenarios
    • Step 15: Sensitivity analysis
    • Step 16: Review against benchmarks
    • Step 17: Presenting the results
  • Post occupation

Principal authors: David Cheshire (AECOM); Anna Carolina Menezes (AECOM)

Contributors: Mark Bacon (AECOM); Andrew Cripps (AECOM); Xavier Fulbright (AECOM); Brian Graham (AECOM); Anna Holding (AECOM); Martin McLaughlin (AECOM); Ant Wilson (AECOM)

Task Group: David Hughes (Chair); Dave Cheshire (AECOM); Andrew Cripps (AECOM); Hywel Davies (CIBSE); John Field (TEAM (EAA Ltd.)); Phil Jones (Building Energy Solutions); Anna Carolina Menezes (AECOM); Philip Oliver (Kyoob Ltd.); Ian Pegg (Johnson Controls); Mike Smith (BSRIA); John Ward (SES)

Peer Reviewers: Eszter Gulacsy (Mott MacDonald); David Kingstone (Buro Happold); Brian Spires

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