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Medium voltage distribution (AM18)

The AM18 suite of publications

This Applications Manual are providing guidance on 11 kV power distribution systems to buildings at various stages of design and construction.


Medium voltage distribution: Methods (AM18.1)

AM18.1 introduces the basic principles, and provides the most common medium voltage distribution techniques relevant to building services engineers.

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Medium voltage distribution: Equipment (AM18.2)

AM18.2 explores in detail the equipment necessary to deliver medium voltage supplies to buildings.

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Medium voltage distribution: Protection (AM18.3)

AM18.3 looks at the protective equipment necessary to ensure the safe operation of a chosen method of power distribution and the DNO network that supplies it.

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Medium voltage distribution: Fault calculations (AM18.4)

AM18.4 covers fault calculations and their application on protection devices for industry standard distribution configurations.

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Medium voltage distribution: Grading (AM18.5)

AM18.5 provides typical calculations and solutions for the protection of transformers, distribution cables, busbars, generators and motors.

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Relevant webinars

Covering AM18.1, AM18.2 and AM18.3

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