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Knowledge Series

Practical solutions in a concise, easy-to-read format

KS01: Reclaimed Water
Offers guidance on rainwater and grey water reclamation systems, covering legal requirements, system types, design considerations and system operation requirements.

KS02: Managing Your Building Services
Provides facilities managers, and others interested in the management and maintenance of building services, with an introduction to the specialist area of engineering services maintenance within buildings.

KS03: Sustainable Low Energy Cooling Solutions - an Overview
After reading this guide you will have a good understanding of the various low energy ways of cooling a building, including reducing unnecessary heat gains to buildings and adopting passive cooling solutions.

KS04: Understanding Controls
Guidance designed to assist clients, facilities managers and building users to understand the functions and limitations of controls, and communicate their requirements to their engineers/advisors.

KS05: Making Buildings Work
Anyone with day-to-day responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the engineering services in buildings will benefit from this publication.

KS06: Comfort
After reading this guide, building services engineers, facilities managers, building users and students will be able to understand the key environmental factors that affect comfort and the design criteria that need to be followed to provide comfortable internal conditions.

KS07: Variable Flow Pipework Systems
Explains how to design re-circulating heating or cooling water systems incorporating variable speed pumps. Correctly designed, these systems have the potential to deliver major energy savings over the lifetime of a building.

KS08: How to Design a Heating System
This step-by-step guide provides a clear overview of the whole heating design sequence. A 'map' of the heating design process demonstrates key design decisions and required design steps.

KS09: Commissioning Variable Flow Pipework Systems
This publication describes commissioning procedures for variable flow recirculating heating and chilled water pipework distribution systems. The guidance has been produced to complement that given in CIBSE KS07: Variable flow pipework systems.

KS10: Biomass Heating now superseded by CIBSE AM15 Biomass Heating
Covers biomass installations that could satisfy a peak heating demand of between about 50 kW and 5000 kW with operation of the boiler assumed to be essentially automatic, i.e. a viable alternative to gas-fired plant in a modern commercial development.  

KS11: Green Roofs
Aimed at design professionals who require a concise understanding of the advantages of green roofs and the implications for design once specified.

KS12: Refurbishment for Improved Energy Efficiency: An Overview
This is a joint CIBSE and BSRIA publication that will provide guidance to building services engineers tasked with upgrading existing services.

KS13: Refrigeration
Aimed at those entering the building services industry without previous knowledge of the subject, such as graduates with mechanical, electrical or civil engineering degrees. It will also be useful for anyone without specialist experience in refrigeration.

KS14: Energy Efficient Heating
Provides an introduction to energy efficient heating systems for engineers and building professionals that need an overview of the subject.

KS15: Capturing Solar Energy
Provides an overview of the available domestic and non-domestic solar system solutions, technologies and applications.

KS16: How to Manage Overheating in Buildings
Offers a practical introduction to the subject of overheating for building owners, managers and users.

KS17: Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation
Presents an overview of indoor air quality (IAQ) in buildings, and outlines how IAQ impacts on occupants’ health and performance.

KS18: Data Centres - an Introduction to Concepts and Design (2012)
Introduction to owners, co-location developers, designers, constructors, operators and all those who have an interest in data centre design, operation and space planning.

KS19: Humidification (2012)
New CIBSE Knowledge series publication specifically considering the means of increasing the humidity of air to ensure that it does not fall below appropriate levels – a process known as humidification.

KS20: Practical Psychrometry (2012)
A practical introduction to psychrometry and the use of the psychrometric chart as a design tool.  Essential reading for those involved in designing and operating the systems that achieve comfortable environments for occupants, such as air conditioning. The publication covers the properties of atmospheric air; the basis for and the construction of the psychrometric chart; psychrometric processes such as heating, cooling, humidification and dehumidification and the equipment that is used.

KS21: Competency and Competency Management Systems in Facilities Management (2017)
This guide provides an understanding of competence and competency, focusing on the management of building engineering systems in operational buildings, although the concept is equally valid for other disciplines including management. It details the journey individuals and organisations need to take to become competent and how to maintain and manage linking to human resources (HR) and talent management.

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