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To apply for a professional grade of membership you must have a sponsor to support your application. 

We have two rules on who can be a sponsor:

1. You must have known them for one year in a professional capacity. 

2. They must be at the level you are applying for or above. For example, if you were applying for Member (MCIBSE) they would need to hold MCIBSE themselves or CEng with a different institution. 

We accept sponsors with equivalent Engineering Council UK registration status from other UK institutions. We also recognise non-UK sponsors and those from the construction industry. (Please confirm with CIBSE Membership if your sponsor is non-UK based or from the construction industry before applying)

Your sponsor should be supporting your application by reviewing your Engineering Practice Report and completing their demonstration of competencies form. 

Demonstration of competences form (completed by sponsor)

Your sponsor must provide one paragraph for each overarching competence section (A-E) on how they believe you are competent for the level you are applying for.

Associate (ACIBSE) form

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Member (MCIBSE) form

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Fellow (FCIBSE) form

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