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How to Start Your Engineering Practice Report (EPR)

This webinar is designed to help you understand and familiarise yourself with the competence criteria for ACIBSE and MCIBSE. We use real examples from successful applicants to demonstrate how to start writing your report.

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LCIBSE EngTech Membership and Registration 

This webinar focuses on the application process for the Licentiate Membership (LCIBSE) and the EngTech registration. It will cover the academic requirements and professional experience needed, the different routes to membership and what you will need to prepare your Work Experience Report.

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How to Prepare for Your Interview

This webinar is designed to give you useful tips on how to prepare your presentation, as well as what to expect in your interview.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Purpose of the interview
  • The procedure - what to expect
  • Preparing your presentation for the interview
  • Do's and don'ts - our top five tips
  • The scoring method

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