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Whether you're starting out, have been working in the field for many years, or are already Professionally Registered, our range of membership grades means that there is a level to suit everyone.   

Current members can also progress to a higher grade. 

Unsure which grade is right for you? Use our Join Wizard below to find your recommended grade!

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Unsure which grade is right for you?

Answer a few questions in our membership Join Wizard and we will recommend your most suitable grade.


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Become a Member Today

You can join now at one of our entry grades of membership.

We also have Licentiate, Associate, Member and Fellow grades which are based on your level of competence and experience. Scroll down for further information on these. 

Student Membership

Currently studying a full or part-time STEM course? Become a student member and access our benefits today!

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Graduate Membership

Recently graduated (within the past 5 years) and undertaking training and development in building services or interested in a career in the field? You can become a graduate member.

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Affiliate Membership

There are no entry qualification rules at this grade and you will get instant access to member benefits.

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Corporate Membership Grades

Corporate grades are linked to your level of competence as an Engineer.  Select a grade to view the competence criteria you will be required to demonstrate.

Licentiate (LCIBSE)

Technicians involved in applying creative aptitudes and skills within defined fields of technology. You can gain EngTech with this grade.

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Associate (ACIBSE)

Those at management level, with the ability to act as an exponent of today's technology through creativity & Innovation. You can obtain IEng with this grade.

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Member (MCIBSE)

Those engaged in technical and commercial leadership, optimising existing and emerging technologies. You can obtain CEng with this grade.

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Fellow (FCIBSE)

For professional engineers contributing to the industry in a senior role with significant responsibility. You can obtain CEng with this grade.

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