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CIBSE Core Themes for Knowledge & Research

When developing your professional development plan (PDP), we encourage that you refer to CIBSE’s core themes for knowledge and research, developed by the Institution’s Knowledge Management Committee.

By aligning your PDP with these themes, you can deepen your understanding of key issues, emerging trends and industry standards. It will help you remain competent and meet the evolving needs of clients and society.

Circular economy

Eliminating waste through resource efficiency, standardisation and modern methods of construction. Designing, maintaining and upgrading systems and buildings with the end of life and re-use in mind from the outset.  

Climate adaptation

Enabling buildings to be resilient against the impacts of climate change. Providing design and weather data based on the latest climate science, and considering appropriate design life.

Digital engineering

Developing appropriate tools and guidance so that the full benefits of building information management, or BIM, can be realised in practical application. Providing digital tools to enable engineers to be at the forefront of the digital revolution. Support and encouragement of the creation of parametric and artificial intelligence tools to optimise design processes.

Health, wellbeing and safety

Exploring how buildings can contribute to the quality of life, health and wellbeing of people while adhering to energy efficiency targets. Investigating in particular how indoor environmental quality can impact on building occupants' health and performance. Providing guidance on how to design and operate buildings with safety at the forefront.

Net zero carbon

Providing guidance on how to design net zero carbon buildings, both in construction and in operation. Considering whole life carbon, including the carbon embodied in building services systems. Focusing on performance in use and data transparency.

Retrofit and refurbishment

Focusing on improving the energy and environmental performance of existing building stock in order to deliver more efficient, comfortable and healthy buildings. Providing pathways to net-zero carbon.

Smart buildings

Providing clear guidance and measures on smart building design and integration. Enabling buildings to respond to and support occupants to promote health, wellbeing and productivity.

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