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Annual CPD Audit

CIBSE runs an annual audit* to assess 5% of members, at random. These members will receive a notification requesting them to submit their CPD records by a set deadline.

Members selected for audit will need to upload these records to CIBSE’s mycareerpath portal within their MyCIBSE account. CPD recorded in any format can be submitted.

When recording CPD in mycareerpath, members will be asked to answer three reflective questions on each activity. Reflective practice must be completed for at least two CPD activities per year, and any activity over five hours long.

Returns are sent to the CPD Panel for review and evaluation. Members will then receive feedback and advice from Panel members. The CPD Panel is made up of trained assessors who will monitor and assess all CPD returns.

Members who fail to submit any CPD, or are unable to give valid reasons for not submitting, will be in breach of the Code of Professional Conduct and will be put forward to the Professional Conduct Committee (PCC). At this stage the PCC will review and take disciplinary action if necessary. Members who persistently do not engage with CIBSE’s requests for CPD records will be removed from the Engineering Council’s Register of Professional Engineers and downgraded to Affiliate member.

Exemptions will include, for example, retired members, parental leave, members out of work etc. If a member believes they are exempt from the audit they should notify CIBSE.

*The audit is run annually to ensure CIBSE meets and complies with requirements and standards set by the Engineering Council.

Submitting your CPD for audit

To submit your CPD for audit through mycareerpath, login to your MyCIBSE profile and click 'My CPD - CIBSE Membership'

Watch this video for guidance on how to use mycareerpath to submit your CPD for audit. Written guidance can be downloaded here

Login to MyCIBSE

Manual templates for recording CPD

We encourage you to record your CPD in our online professional development portal, mycareerpath

However if you prefer, you are welcome to complete your CPD in the following Excel or Word templates and email them to [email protected] for manual submission.

CPD Records Evidence Template 2023
CPD Reflection Template 

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