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How CIBSE can help with your CPD

CIBSE’s membership is a worldwide network of building services professionals. There are currently over 21,000 members in nearly 100 countries and active regional committees across the UK and in Hong Kong, Australia & New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland and the United Arab Emirates.

As demand increases for more sustainable and energy efficient buildings and services to combat climate change, building services engineers are leading the way. CIBSE membership can offer you a range of valuable services benefiting both you and your career.

How CIBSE can help with your CPD

CIBSE membership can offer you a range of valuable services benefiting both you and your career. These include:

The CIBSE Knowledge Portal provides more than 180 peer-reviewed technical publications, a range of digital tools, and hundreds of research papers.

All of CIBSE’s Guides, Commissioning Codes, Applications Manuals, Technical Memoranda, and Codes of Practice are available for members to download for free in PDF format, or to purchase in hard copy for half price.

The Knowledge Portal also provides access to several Research Insights and hundreds of Technical Symposium Papers, available for free to all. 

The CIBSE Directory of CPD Course Providers is available to assist you in identifying suitable courses to meet your CPD needs; delivered by external companies, with many courses free of charge.

The directory has over 200 Providers, is searchable by topic, embraces many different areas suitable for CPD and is frequently updated with new entries.

All courses are reviewed and assessed by CIBSE’s CPD Panel to ensure that the technical content is of high standard and offers valuable CPD to delegates.

To ensure the presentations are approved, look for the CIBSE CPD logo.

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CIBSE members also benefit from free online access to CIBSE’s two technical Journals: Building Services Engineering Research and Technology Journal (BSER&T) and Lighting, Research & Technology Journal (LR&T), both of which can be accessed via the Knowledge Portal.

For those in the first 10 years of their career, CIBSE’s YEN are there to provide both local and international support. YEN networks can be found in each of the CIBSE Regions and feed into a global YEN committee. Their events and meetings are designed to provide guidance for new engineers and focus more on the soft skills and knowledge needed to navigate your career. 

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Our 19 Special Interest Groups encompass issues that cut across our building services engineering disciplines to provide up to date information and resources on topics such as energy performance, building simulation, homes for the future and many more. Each group offers a full programme of meetings and events each year from which you can participate to fulfil your CPD targets. 

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The CIBSE STEM Ambassador scheme enables you to register as a volunteer to lead educational activities in local schools and universities to inspire the next generation of engineers.

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As an accredited professional body, CIBSE maintains close links with colleges and universities offering building services education at diploma, degree and postgraduate level worldwide and can advise members seeking advice on further study. We also provide guidance on selecting the right level of qualified membership for you as well as support and assistance required throughout your application process. In addition CIBSE enables its members to seek professional registration with the Engineering Council (UK). 

For more information, contact [email protected]

CIBSE runs a comprehensive programme of one, two, and three-day training courses for building services professionals and energy assessors, either face-to-face or live on Microsoft Teams. Most of the training courses provide further exemplification of the CIBSE Knowledge series, and there are also training courses on interpersonal skills such as mentoring.  CIBSE Training also deliver online exams which can lead to registration with CIBSE Certification.

All CIBSE public training is high quality, practical, interactive and delivered by expert trainers. The training is available to individual members of CIBSE at a 20% discount, or group discounts can be arranged for over six delegates.

CIBSE Training can also provide flexible corporate options so that companies can tailor the training to suit their requirements. This could be a copy of a public training delivered just for your employees, or it could be a brand new training written from scratch.  

CIBSE Training also have a dedicated platform for on demand learning 24/7, where you can learn at your own pace. We have bite-sized modules from 20 minutes in length to up to seven hours for a bundle of learning. Find out more

If you are interested in becoming a course writer, trainer or peer reviewer we would be keen to receive your application at any time of year.

Discover more about all our CIBSE Training opportunities at or email [email protected]

CIBSE members have access to the CIBSE Journal,  the leading monthly magazine for building services engineers and related professionals internationally. The Journal provides all the news, analysis, comment, features, technical articles, regulatory advice and learning tools needed by the wide range of professionals working in the built environment. The Journal has fully searchable online content, making it even easier for you to browse dozens of CPDs and webinars, the latest news articles, features and case studies, as well as a large digital archive filled with back issues of the CIBSE Journal.

Each month the CIBSE Journal provides one or more modules in its CPD programme. Each module helps to achieve a corresponding CPD objective. Every successfully completed module is worth 1.5 hours of CPD. Browse the full offering at

Attending regional activities and events is the best way to meet fellow professionals in your area and to become more involved with the Institution. Activities which contribute at local level such as learning about local projects, member recruitment, mentoring, work with schools and colleges or involvement with a committee can all offer excellent opportunities for CPD.

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Our societies represent key sectors of the building services industry and through membership offer professional recognition to their members and support the science, art and practice of their field.

All CIBSE members are able to join:

  • The Society of Light and Lighting (SLL)
  • The Society of Public Health Engineers (SoPHE)
  • The Society of Façade Engineers (SFE)
  • The Society of Digital Engineering (SDE)
  • The Institute of Local Exhaust Ventilation Engineers (ILEVE)

Volunteering can be a fantastic way to enhance the different types of CPD you do each year, gaining knowledge and skills that can be harder to acquire in some main job roles. Members who are interested in volunteering and getting involved with CIBSE activities can choose from a number of roles in a variety of areas across the Institution, both UK and internationally. For example; join a regional or special interest group committee, become a CIBSE Interviewer or speak at an event.

  • Author, contribute to or peer review CIBSE Knowledge
  • Contribute to CIBSE responses to government consultations
  • Mentor a young engineer
  • Volunteer as a judge for one of our awards
  • Peer review submissions for the technical symposium
  • Join a Region, Group or Society’s committee across the UK or around the world
  • Become a professional review interviewer for CIBSE membership

Volunteering is a great way to interact with CIBSE and other building services professionals; it enhances your CV and allows you to give something back to the industry. Whether you are newly graduated, recently chartered or a senior engineer who has years of industry experience, working in contracting, consulting or for a manufacturer, CIBSE needs a range of volunteers to help develop and grow the Institution for the future.

To find out more, visit

Volunteer as a mentor or register as a mentee of our online CIBSE Mentoring platform. Our platform is designed to match CIBSE members based on their experience and skills. Mentoring is a meaningful way of contributing to industry or developing your skills, and can have a long-lasting impact.

To find out more, visit

Each month CIBSE members will receive an electronic copy of the CIBSE eNewsletter, providing the latest news, events and information from across CIBSE.

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