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Reduced Subscription Rate

A reduced subscription rate is available to renewing members who are retired, out of work, on a career break or earning less than £10,000 per annum (or local equivalent). Please convert your earnings (excluding any pensions) if you are unsure whether you qualify.

The reduced subscription rate is not applicable to those applying for or reinstating their membership.

The current reduced subscription and Engineering Council registration fees can be found here.

A reduced subscription rate is available to those who fall under 2 categories:


  • Over 55 years of age on or before the 1st January of the current subscription year
  • Retired from full time employment and total income excluding any pensions is less than the equivalent of £10,00 per annum


  • Currently out of work on parental leave, a career break or long term sick leave
  • Earning less than £10,00 per annum or local equivalent
  • Currently unemployed 
  • Your reason for applying must apply to more than 7 months of the subscription year
  • Applications must be received by the 31 May June
  • You are also agreeing that you will contact CIBSE immediately if your earnings increase above the aforementioned amount or your circumstances change and thus you will revert back to paying the standard subscription rate
  • False declarations by members may contravene the by-laws and rules governing the professional conduct of members and may therefore lead to formal disciplinary proceedings

If you applied under the 'Retired' criteria, you do not need to reapply. Your renewal should already reflect the reduced subscription rate.

If you have applied under one of the 'Concessionary' criteria, you are required to re-apply each year if you still meet the criteria.

Apply for our Reduced Subscription Rate

Applications must be made by the 31 May 2024 to be processed for your 2024 renewal

We will review your application and confirm by email once your invoices have been adjusted and are available to pay, or if further information is required.

Our reduced fees are listed at

Apply here

Members residing in Sri Lanka or the People’s Republic of China, with earnings less than £10,000 (or equivalent) are entitled to apply for a discounted subscription.

  • Members residing in Sri Lanka can receive a 60% discount on their subscription fee.
  • Members residing in the People’s Republic of China can receive a 40% discount on their subscription fee.

Please contact [email protected] for more information. You will need to provide proof or residency.

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