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Professional Engineer Registration Victoria

As of 7 May 2024, CIBSE is an approved assessment entity for assessments for registration and endorsement for Mechanical and Electrical Engineering with the Business Licencing Authority (BLA) Victoria.  View the approved CIBSE scheme.

You can apply only for your BLA Victoria Assessment or also obtain MCIBSE CEng as part of the assessment as the criteria for undergoing BLA Victoria Assessment is equivalent.

Whilst candidates are assessed against our Member (MCIBSE) criteria they will not be required to join the Institution on successful completion of this process unless they wish to do so. At the point of completion, candidates will be advised of their options.

If you are already registered with a different Australian state or New Zealand, please refer to Consumer Affairs Victoria for information on mutual recognition.


You must meet the following requirements to apply:
  • an accredited degree recognised under the Washington Accord relevant to the area/s of engineering in which registration is sought, OR qualification that has been assessed as equivalent
  • at least five years of relevant engineering experience of which four years must be post-graduate experience.
  • experience was gained in the last 10 years
  • the CIBSE Member grade competence requirements.


If applying for assessment with the intention of applying to the BLA to become an endorsed building engineer, demonstrated knowledge and practical application will be required to be included in your Practice Report of: 

  • Victorian building laws and standards, and 
  • the operation and use of the National Construction Code as it applies to the relevant area/s of engineering (structural, civil, electrical, mechanical and/or fire safety engineering.
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Before you apply

Prepare the following documents (in separate files) before starting your online application:

  • Copies of Photo ID - Applicants must submit an ID that meets the 100 point check.
  • Certified copies of your Washington Accord or Assessed qualifications.
    (If your qualification was assessed please submit this assessment. If your documents are not in English you are required to submit an official translation.)
  • A CV or career record evidencing your experience as a professional engineer.
  • The name and email address of your Sponsor who can verify your professional experience.
  • A written reference from your Sponsor. Your sponsor must be able to corroborate your competence demonstrated in your Engineering Practice Report and that you can carry out these competences without supervision.
  • Your Engineering Practice Report demonstrating how you meet the CIBSE Member Competence requirements.
MCIBSE Application Guidance
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Ready to apply?

Your application will be reviewed and sent to CIBSE Australia for assessment. 

CIBSE Australia will invoice you for the fees which are:
A$180 application fee and A$260 interview fee.

You will be invited for an interview with at least one interviewer holding Registration in Victoria. You should be prepared to demonstrate how you apply and acquire local engineering knowledge.

On successful completion of your interview, CIBSE will provide you with a letter of eligibility for you to submit to the BLA.

Apply now
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Useful information

Applying to BLA Victoria

Once you receive your letter of eligibility you will then need to apply directly to the BLA Victoria.

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CPD Requirements and Renewing

To continue to be eligible for registration, you must comply with the specific CPD requirements.

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CIBSE's Code of Conduct

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