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Scotland Past Presentations

Technical Seminars:

Classroom Ventilation

by Tom Sands, VES, November 2017

This seminar will look at how to achieve required ventilation in school classrooms. Particular attention will be focused on:

  • BB93 Acoustic design for schools
  • BB101/BB102 including discussion of new update and how this may affect design decisions. This will cover the pros and cons of natural, mixed (hybrid) and mechanical ventilation.
VES Technical Guides: BB101 Technical Guide    ErP Regulation Technical Guide

Power Quality and Energy Management

by David Bradley, Socomec, September 2017

This seminar will explain how alterations to improve energy efficiency can introduce power quality problems and will uncover the causes, effects and solutions, and how to avoid a resulting site investigation by electricity suppliers.  A series of case studies, a rationale for energy efficiency, and explanation of power quality monitoring will be discussed.

Using Daylighting Performance to Optimise Façade Design

by Colin Rees, IES, – July 2017.

This seminar is about optimising the building façade (with the Virtual Environment) using annual daylight performance for comfort and energy use.  Topics discussed include:

  • Using climate based daylight modelling (CBDM) in RadianceIES to investigate captured daylight through annual performance metrics.

  • How CBDM can feedback on the impact from façade design strategies to visual comfort by reviewing annual illuminance, sDA, ASE, UDI.

  • Reviewing the annual impact of internal shades working in conjunction with the façade’s architectural design features.

  • Understanding how seasonal, climatic, topographical and surrounding building impacts can be quantified for true daylight performance.

  • How CBDM can be used to target enhanced daylight capture with reduced artificial lighting energy use.

  • Utilising daylight sensors based on the CBDM method and then feeding into an ApacheSim energy simulation to investigate daylight dimming strategies.

Illuminating Engineering Society bookstore for more useful backgroud information.

The Role of Cables in Building Infrastructure Systems

by Toby Collins, Mark Froggatt, BT Cables – May 2017.

The presentation covers the use of cables and components in building management systems.  The course includes cable design and materials, applications and how design/engineering of the cables differs upon greater data rates/complexity of the application, structured cabling solutions for IT Infrastructure build and also testing and cable design for fire resistant cables.
Details of the latest Construction Products Regulation (CPR) are provided.

Understanding Swimming Pool Ventilation

by Tom Sands, VES – March 2017.

The seminar covers legislation and design guidance, studies into humidity and evaporation, calculating air flow, energy efficiency and running costs and system design considerations.

Trench Heating

by Thorsten Niehoff, Kampmann UK Ltd - June 2016

A new BS EN test standard for trench heating has been published.  It defines a new test procedure with which all manufacturers need to comply.  That means that for the first time it is possible to compare the products of different manufacturers, and be assured that the published data is in line with the performance that would be achieved in an actual installation.
Here is a video showing the difference between short circuit optimised and non-optimised units.

Integration of Pipework Systems

by David Palmer of the Campbell Palmer Partnership Ltd - May 2016

Overview of the history of boiler, header, and pump arrangements.  Analysis of boiler house hydronic performance with particular regard to multiple heat sources (including renewables) and the challenges of interfacing to existing secondary load systems.  In fifteen cases recently analysed in the UK and Ireland, aspects of the hydronic integration of boilers with load circuits was identified as the main cause of underperformance.