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Changes to the building control profession and the building control process for approved inspectors

This consultation relates to changes to be made to the regulation of the building control profession and amendments to the building control process for approved inspectors, who will in future be known as registered building control approvers and will be required to register with the new Building Safety Regulator.

The consultation sets out proposals to implement the provisions needed to deliver the requirements introduced by the Building Safety Act 2022. In particular, it seeks views on:

  1. Approved inspectors becoming registered building control approvers, and the implications of this change for their existing work.
  2. Restrictions on the activities and functions of building control bodies, both public and private.
  3. The length of the registration period for current building control professionals to register as building control approvers and building inspectors.
  4. Arrangements for oversight, sanctions and appeals.
  5. Requirements relating to initial notices, plans certificates and provisions for information gathering.
  6. Consultations with other regulators.

As part of the reform of the profession and building control process the current arrangements for approved inspectors to be registered with CICAIR under the Building Act the approved inspector registration regime will close when the new registration regime comes into force.

The full consultation document is available here

CIBSE members are invited to send comments on the consultation to [email protected], using the title “Changes to Building Control and AIs”

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