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Draft revised National Planning Policy Framework

For decades the number of new homes has not kept pace with rising demand. That has created a market that fails to work for far too many families, resulting in soaring prices and rising rents. The Government is clear that the country needs radical, lasting reform that will allow more homes to be built.

Objectives of the consultation

The Government is ambitious about reforming housing and planning policy so that it is as effective as possible in improving the supply of homes. Therefore this consultation included a number of further changes to policy, beyond those consulted on previously, to help ensure that more land is brought forward for development and that permissions are turned into homes as soon as possible.

In this consultation the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government sought views on:

  • A draft new National Planning Policy Framework (the Framework), building on the first Framework published in 2012 that consolidated around 1,000 pages of planning policy into a single document;
  • Draft updates to national planning guidance which, when finalised, will form part of the Government’s online Planning Practice Guidance;
  • Proposals for reforming developer contributions, to be delivered through regulations.

The consultation closed on 10 May 2018. Subject to this consultation, the Government intends to publish a final Framework before the summer.

Supporting papers

To download documents that supported this consultation, please follow the links below.

CIBSE response

CIBSE responded to this consultation highlighting that the new draft revised NPPF fails to fully reflect the 25 Year Environment Plan (25 YEP). The NPPF has a cross-sector reach and is a significant opportunity to deliver the objectives of the 25 YEP, as highlighted in the YEP itself.

Whilst CIBSE recognise the importance of addressing housing needs in terms of numbers, this should not be to the detriment of quality and sustainability, which are essential rather than desirable issues. There should also be more emphasis on health and wellbeing and how the built and natural environment can significantly contribute to improvements in this area.

CIBSE strongly recommend reverting to the current NPPF wording on the Climate Change Act, i.e. that policies should be “in line with objectives and provisions of the 2008 Climate Change Act”, not the current proposed revised wording that they should be set “within the context of” the Act – this is far too loose a wording and indeed almost anything could be presented as being “in the context” of the Climate Change Act, even if contradictory to it.

Plan-making, decision making, implementation and monitoring will rely on resources of Local Authorities, which have been under constant and significant strain for several years. CIBSE strongly recommend MHCLG to review the current situation and provide more adequate support to Local Authorities to ensure the NPPF is delivered consistently and without undue delays in the planning process, and including the delivery of environmental and social benefits.

To read the full CIBSE response, please follow the link below.

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