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Heat Strategy for Wales

Delivering clean, affordable, and secure heat is intrinsically linked to positive outcomes for people and businesses across Wales. However, meeting this energy trilemma requires systematic changes to the way we deliver and consume heat.

This Strategy takes a comprehensive approach to address the future of heat, encompassing all sectors, from low-temperature home heating to high temperature industrial heat. It recognises that low carbon and affordable heat is not only a technical challenge, but also a human one.

The structure of the approach is laid out as follows:

  • Sectors: splitting the challenge into thematic areas
  • Objectives: setting the long-term goals and ambitions for each sector
  • Policies: setting the specific interventions to meet each objective

To effectively tackle the challenge of heat decarbonisation, the Strategy is guided by five fundamental principles. These principles have been tested with representative stakeholder groups as the Strategy developed. This collective approach will be essential to meeting the goals.

The principles of the heat strategy for Wales are:

  • Net zero
  • Growing the market for sustainable jobs and warm homes
  • Recognsing the practical challenges
  • Working cross sector
  • Rapidly innovating, testing, reviewing and replicating

To enable a successful transition, there is a need for policies and delivery approaches that engage and empower individuals, communities, and regions. These
delivery approaches need to be local, involve people in decision-making, and facilitate collaboration across sectors.

This consultation was closed on the 25th October 2023.

CIBSE response

CIBSE submitted a response to the consultation which can be downloaded.

You can see further details and the consultation questions on the consultation platform.

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