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Leaving the EU: Implications for UK energy policy

The UK energy sector has a number of existing links with the European Union, through trade, directives and interconnection. While Member States, including the UK, retain sovereignty over their energy mix, parts of UK energy policy have been driven by EU-wide directives and proposals. The UK’s exit from the EU raises a number of questions that the Government will need to consider carefully when the country’s exit from the European block is being negotiated.

Objectives of the consultation

The House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee launched an inquiry exploring the implications of the UK’s departure from the EU on UK's energy policy and to determine which policy areas will need to be addressed during the exit negotiations. It was seeking guidance on an appropriate timeline for these developments.

The Committee invited responses addressing some, or all, of the following questions in no more than 3,000 words:

  • To what extent have the Government’s energy policies been driven by the EU? Are any policy areas currently at risk?
  • What should be the Government’s priorities on energy when negotiating the UK’s exit from the EU? What would a successful negotiation outcome look like?
  • What aspects of existing EU energy policies and directives are beneficial to the UK? What should be the Government’s priorities in deciding which EU-led energy policies and legislation to retain?

The inquiry concluded on 14 September 2016.

CIBSE response

CIBSE response to this inquiry has been published, amongst other submissions, on the Energy and Climate Change Committee website

CIBSE highlighted in its response that the Government’s priority should be maintaining and strengthening energy policy which delivers improved energy productivity and enhances the security of supply, even where it has originated from the EU, incorporating those measures fully into UK law and focusing on compliance. 

To read CIBSE response please follow the link below.

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