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Measuring environmental change: Draft indicators framework for the 25 Year Environment Plan

Objectives of the consultation

The Government published the draft indicator framework for measuring the success of 25 Year Environment Plan. The draft framework includes a set of 65 indicators which aim to track changes in the environment system as a whole covering: the state of environmental assets (including air, water, land, seas and wildlife), the main pressures being placed on them (for example pollution, or plant disease), and the benefits people receive from the environment. Drawing from this broader set of 65, the Government has identified 15 headline indicators aimed at providing an overall summary of change for a wide audience. 

The Government sought views on the indicators and measures they should be using to monitor environmental change. The consultation closed on 25 January 2019.

Supporting papers

To download the draft framework, please follow the link below.

CIBSE response

CIBSE welcomed the principle of establishing an environmental monitoring framework, alongside requirements to report annually on changes and actions taken, and to review the framework according to new knowledge and techniques. This is an essential basis of environmental policy, or indeed any policy. CIBSE also welcomed the intention that monitoring and reporting should include assessing the effectiveness of actions taken.

CIBSE noted that the indicator framework is currently linked to the 25 Year Environment Plan and so applies to England (and UK interests internationally), and called for a clear commitment to actively seek collaboration, consensus and consistency across the UK. Different regimes in the Devolved Administrations will place unreasonable burdens on businesses.

CIBSE suggested that the monitoring data should be available with spatial resolution, both for the public and for decision-makers to take action. There should be a joint air quality monitoring unit, including DEFRA, DfT, MHCLG and BEIS, to ensure the impact of policies is monitored, and policies adjusted if required. CIBSE expects local air quality monitoring and reporting of the same scope and quality as currently exists under EU rules.

To read the full CIBSE response, please follow the link below.

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