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CIBSE Air Quality Task Group

Mission Statement

“To use engineering skill to support the pursuit of healthy air in the built environment.”

What does the task group do?

The task group has been formed to help CIBSE be an advocate for improvements in air quality, both inside and out, to build links to other organisations with similar goals, and to raise awareness of the issue of air quality in the built environment. We hope to inform CIBSE’s technical output – feeding into guidance documents and documenting best practice to improve the standard of air in buildings.


What areas does the task group cover?

The group’s members and interests are broad, overlapping many areas of indoor and outdoor design, as shown in the diagram below.

Who is involved?

The task group is deliberately multi-disciplinary, with the aim of capturing the expertise of those working in both the indoor and outdoor environment. The task group also welcomes members from academia, who are able to provide insights into the state of research in air quality.

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Have a question? Get in touch by email by contacting the chair of the Group Emma Gibbons


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