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Building services careers enlightenment
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Building services careers enlightenment

26 Apr 23

Talking to university students about career pathways and project experiences is one of the ways CIBSE's Young Engineers Network (YEN) helps to create an awareness of the opportunites for engineering students looking to make an environmental and community impact though Building Services Engineering.

Below is an extract from a LinkedIn post written by Behzad Rismanchi, Senior Lecturer at University of Melbourne about a recent presentation given by two of our committee members in Victoria.

In an enlightening session, Jake Lenahan and Anand Sunil shared their experiences in the building services industry, and how the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) has shaped their career journey. They discussed the various sectors within building services, highlighting the importance of energy modelling, BIM, and digitalization. They emphasized CIBSE's role in providing students with valuable resources such as access to the knowledge portal, podcasts, and reports, and how CIBSE membership has benefited them in finding their passion.

Both speakers talked about the crucial role of mentorship during the transition from graduation to the industry and how CIBSE offers excellent networking opportunities for expanding one's professional network. A strong network can significantly impact job prospects, and CIBSE plays an instrumental role in helping members build that network.

Written by Behzad Rismanchi, Senior Lecturer at University of Melbourne

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