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Celebrating Excellence: CIBSE ANZ Young Engineers Awards

25 Mar 24

In the dynamic world of engineering, recognising emerging talent is vital for fostering innovation and driving progress. CIBSE ANZ has been at the forefront of honouring exceptional young engineers through its annual Young Engineers Awards. As the nominations opened earlier, it's a perfect time to reflect on the impact of this initiative and hear from past finalists about their experiences.

Recognising Rising Stars
The CIBSE ANZ Young Engineers Awards aim to celebrate the achievements of emerging professionals in the building services industry and also the work of the individuals and organisations that support them. These awards not only recognise technical excellence but also highlight the importance of innovation and leadership in shaping the future of the built environment. This year we are asking students, graduates and young professionals to address the emerging challenges and opportunities that AI presents in their video presentations.

Insights from Past Finalists
To gain deeper insights into the impact of these awards, we spoke to past finalists about their journey, motivations, and the influence of the awards on their careers. 

Nolan Strawbridge - Arup
2023 Student of the Year finalist

Career Update: Graduated university and joined Arup as a graduate mechanical engineer
Career Aspirations: Learning project management on building services projects
Motivation to Enter: Recommended by Team Leader; interest in embodied carbon
Top Tip: Give ample time for research and production; prioritise sleek presentation
Impact on Career: Enhanced production value and industry connections


Steven Lam - Mott MacDonald
2023 Young Engineer of Year finalist

Career Update: Involved in mechanical design of the National Gallery of Victoria
Future Goals: Upskilling in Building Physics; contributing to sustainability
Motivation to Enter: To gain industry connections
Top Tip: Research thoroughly; seek feedback from connections
Reflection: Would focus more on cool effects in the video
Impact on Career: Recognition within the company; expanded network


Prateek Alkesh - Consultant, Dubai
2020 Young Engineer of the Year

Career Progression: Moved to a project management role; completed MBA
Future Vision: Building team leadership and commercial strategy
Motivation to Enter: Manager's encouragement; desire for recognition
Top Tip: Start early; ensure realistic and applicable solutions
Reflection: Start video scripting earlier
Impact on Career: Significant positive impact; network expansion


Jeff Tsang - Northrop Consulting Engineers
2019 Student of the Year finalist & 2020 Graduate of the Year finalist

Career Milestones: Obtained WELL AP, GSAP, and Chartered Engineer status
Future Aspirations: Continuing advancement and leadership in sustainability
Motivation to Enter: Desire to showcase achievements and network
Top Tip: Highlight key achievements and passion for sustainability
Reflection: Emphasise more on sustainability contributions
Impact on Career: Opened doors to new opportunities; broadened network

The CIBSE ANZ Young Engineers Awards not only celebrate excellence but also serve as a platform for young professionals to showcase their talents, network with industry leaders, and drive innovation in the building services sector. From speaking with our past finalists, it's evident that these awards play a significant role in shaping the careers and aspirations of young engineers across the region.

Find out more about our 2024 Young Engineers awards and learn about our two new categories- Young Engineer Champion of the Year and Young Engineer Graduate Development Programme of the Year.  

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