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CIBSE ANZ Community - Get Involved

11 Nov 20

CIBSE ANZ is a community of building engineering leaders. Volunteers are the foundation of our community. From personal growth, networking and shaping standards and policy, our members reference many ways and reasons why they stay involved. We are seeking individuals who are passionate and invested in the building services industry to help drive the Institution's goals to 'support the Science, Art and Practice of building services engineering, by providing our members and the public with first class information and education services and promoting the spirit of fellowship which guides our work.'

There are so many different ways to get involved from joining the Young Engineers Network, developing technical event programmes, representing the institution on technical boards, editing the journal, hosting podcasts and developing guides, publications and industry training for the benefit of the industry in Australia and New Zealand and around the world.

Diversity is high on CIBSE’s agenda, part of a goal to bring about a balance of skills, experience and mind-set to building services engineering.
Contact [email protected] to get involved with your institution.

Here's what some of our volunteers had to say:

David Brown, CIBSE SA Chair
I think it is not only beneficial, but essential to be part of an industry organisation to develop a person’s growth in both their vocation and in themselves.

I find that in my role as a Commercial Property Manager, with a background in building services engineering, I source consultants and contractors who are part of the industry rather than just working for it. Therefore, I believe that they need to practice Life Long Learning (LLL). Being active in both the learning and networking makes you better at your vocation, trains you to step up and creates a more valuable person both vocationally and personally. Stepping up by taking an active role in that organisation, again develops you and gives you an opportunity to give back and pass on that knowledge or opportunities to those younger than you and your peers. I became interested in CIBSE after being in various member and committee roles in other organisations/institutions in order to ‘give back’. I liked CIBSE’s wholistic coverage and significance in the Building Services industries. Becoming a member gave me the opportunity to further my knowledge and networking and give opportunities to others to do likewise.

Therefore, I joined the committee and now Chair the SA chapter in order to do that.

Tony McDermott, CIBSE VIC Chair
The profession of building services engineering depends on each and every member of CIBSE to raise its profile, encourage new members and demonstrate a high level of professional competence. The art and science of building services engineering is vital to the safety, health and wellbeing of occupants of buildings.
Forums where like-minded building services engineering professionals can gather and discuss, disseminate and mentor young engineers are crucial to the ongoing development of the profession. Being a member of a committee not only allows you to facilitate these professional gatherings, but participate in spirited discussions about the various aspects of building services engineering and the associated positive impacts on climate change and energy efficiency. Overall, a very rewarding experience and one where you are able to drive change.

Ian Van Eerden, NSW Vice Chair
Being on the CIBSE NSW committee has provided me with the opportunity to travel, gain international insights and build a network of experienced engineers outside of my discipline.

Ruth Williams, Auckland Committee Member
It’s amazing who you meet and the breadth of enthusiasms. It’s a great way to put something back and in doing so I’ve gained so much.

Mark Davie, WA Chair
Being on the CIBSE committee is a great way to both promote building services and to help shape the future of building services design in Australia.

Ben McCluskey, NSW Committee Member
Being a member of the NSW CIBSE committee has been a great connection to the building services community. Working with industry peers to exchange information and ideas both in on the committee and through the technical seminars have been invaluable in the successful delivery of a number of projects. The wealth of knowledge on the committee has been a great motivator and inspiration since joining.

Contact [email protected] to tell us where your interests lie and how you would like to get involved.

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