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CIBSE ANZ Seminar Series - Day 2 | Striking a Balance
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CIBSE ANZ Seminar Series - Day 2 | Striking a Balance

21 Jul 23

With the Seminar Series just around the corner we wanted to shed some light and focus on Day 2 of the CIBSE ANZ Seminar Series, taking place on Tuesday, 29th August 2023, from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM AEST. 

This session, chaired by Ian Van Eerden, Principal Sustainability Consultant at Northrop Consulting Engineers and CIBSE NSW Committee Member will delve into the crucial topic of striking a balance between embodied carbon and operational energy in MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) systems.


Presentation 1: Carbon Investments, Paybacks, and Potential Paradoxes: Whole of Life Carbon Estimates for Building Scale Solar Photovoltaics
Lucy Marsland, Environmental Designer at Atelier Ten.
​Lucy's presentation will shed light on the shifting priorities that building projects face when considering on-site energy generation. It will also emphasise the significance of considering available data and design factors while keeping in mind the broader impact of these systems in our urban environment and industry.


Presentation 2: The Embodied Carbon of Building Services Systems in Housing 
Roger Birchmore, Senior Lecturer at Unitec, NZ
Roger's presentation will focus on the challenges of documenting the embodied carbon of residential building services systems. He will highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of current approaches, discussing the pragmatic decisions made when calculating fundamental data and identifying major and minor carbon contributors. 


Presentation 3: NABERS Embodied Emissions Tool Development
Katie Eyles, Sector Lead | Accelerating Net Zero Buildings - NABERS
Katie will provide insights into the development of the NABERS embodied emissions rating tool. She will share valuable feedback received during public consultation, touching on considerations for building engineers and the scope of the tool's application. 


The day will conclude with a thought-provoking panel discussion, Does Our Design Focus Need to Shift from Operational Energy to Embodied Carbon, and Q&A session, featuring Lucy Marsland, Katie Eyles, Roger Birchmore, and Jeff Robinson, Global Sustainable Design Expertise Leader at Aurecon. The panelists will engage in a lively exchange of ideas, exploring whether our design focus should shift from operational energy to embodied carbon, considering the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. 

Tickets are still on sale so make sure you purchase today, the Seminar Series kicks off on Tuesday 22 August at 12pm AEST. 

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