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CIBSE Industry Board Dinner: A gathering of industry leaders
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CIBSE Industry Board Dinner: A gathering of industry leaders

17 May 24

At the recent CIBSE Industry Board Dinner, prominent figures from the industry converged for an evening of dialogue and networking. Held in the esteemed company of the CIBSE Board and Executive, the event fostered discussions on pertinent issues shaping the industry landscape.

Among the distinguished guests was CIBSE's President, Adrian Catchpole, whose address set the tone for the evening's discourse. Highlighting the importance of collaboration and innovation, Adrian underscored CIBSE's commitment to driving positive change within the industry. He emphasised CIBSE's commitment to delivering professional services and guidance for sustainable building engineering globally, highlighting CIBSE's pivotal role in shaping construction competence, notably with the Building Safety Act and partnerships such as with The Engineering Council.

He also underscored collaboration as crucial, citing CIBSE's involvement in initiatives like the UK Net Zero Carbon Buildings Standard and NABERS UK. Adrian stressed the urgency of legislative support globally to accelerate net zero and climate resilience efforts, underscoring the need for governmental action.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Alan Whitehead MP, Shadow Minister for Energy Security, delivered an insightful address, drawing from his extensive experience in shaping energy policy.

With a career marked by advocacy for decarbonisation and sustainability, Dr. Whitehead's speech resonated with attendees, offering valuable insights into navigating the complexities of the energy sector. He outlined Labour's key policies and financial incentives to bolster energy security, climate resilience and sustainability in the built environment.

He also discussed Labour's strategies to navigate the energy transition, emphasising renewable energy, energy efficiency and technological advancements for sustainable building practices. Dr Whitehead highlighted the importance of fostering innovation and collaboration within the construction industry, aiming to enhance climate resilience in buildings and infrastructure. Moreover, he emphasised the economic opportunities inherent in transitioning to a sustainable built environment, including job creation, cost savings and market growth.

Reflecting on the significance of the CIBSE Industry Board Dinner, Dr. Alan Whitehead stated, "It’s going to be the engineers that save the planet."

Following Dr. Whitehead's address, an open discussion followed, providing attendees with a platform to exchange ideas, explore collaboration opportunities and strengthen professional connections. The evening concluded on a high note, with guests expressing appreciation for the opportunity to engage with industry peers and CIBSE leadership.

As CIBSE continues to champion innovation and excellence, events like the Industry Board Dinner play a crucial role in rallying industry stakeholders towards a common vision of sustainable progress and advancement.

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