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CIBSE now assessing for RPEQ

06 Jun 22

CIBSE's assessment scheme for Registered Professional Engineers Queensland (RPEQ) comes at a key time as Australia prepares for the first mandated net-positive Olympic Games in 2032.

It’s not only Queensland engineers who will be subject to the Board’s registration requirements but any engineer working on Olympic projects.

On 26 May, CIBSE invited Evelyn Story, Board Member for Professional Engineers Queensland to speak at the launch event for CIBSE’s Assessment scheme and to talk to CIBSE members about the registration scheme and requirements under the Professional Engineering Act.

It was noted in her presentation that it is a requirement of the PE Act that anyone providing a professional engineering service in Queensland or for Queensland, must be a RPEQ, or carrying out the service under the direct supervision of a RPEQ who takes responsibility for this service.

Direct supervision however, does not require 1:1 supervision or even for the supervisor and supervisee to be in the same location – use of technology is encouraged by BPEQ.
The presentation also detailed some of the Benefits of registration
·       Being a RPEQ demonstrates you have undertaken high level study and worked professionally and competently for a number of years.
·       RPEQ status counts toward your professional reputation and career progression.
·       Engineers who are RPEQs have an advantage in the job market. Many Queensland and interstate engineering employers specify the need for applicants to be registered.
·       RPEQs do not require direct supervision and can work for themselves or provide private consultancy services.
·       The term RPEQ is wholly limited to engineers with high level qualification, practical experience and demonstrated competency.
Evelyn noted that the onus to prove direct supervision will be on the person claiming they were under direct supervision not on the Registered Engineer. Indeed, the penalties imposed on improperly supervised engineers far exceeds the maximum penalty for a Registered Engineer - an added incentive to get registered!

Evelyn pointed out that unregistered engineers are also limited in the scope of work they can perform and risk contravening the PE Act even if there is nothing deficient with the product or service.

CIBSE is very pleased to now be an assessing entity for RPEQ for CIBSE members and others working within the areas of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.  There is however an academic requirements set by the board that RPEQ engineers must hold Washington Accord qualifications. This means only CIBSE professional members who qualified via the standard route are eligible.

If you are an existing CIBSE member seeking registration, there will be a contemporaneous assessment of your recent work experience and CPD.

To apply for RPEQ status, please complete the application form and submit it to [email protected]. You can also email CIBSE directly with any questions you may have regarding assessment.

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