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CIBSE President highlights risk of value engineering in the drive for net zero
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CIBSE President highlights risk of value engineering in the drive for net zero

11 Sep 23

Adrian Catchpole, CIBSE President, highlighted the importance of maintaining quality and design intent in meeting the challenges of engineering for a net zero future.

Speaking at Swegon’s Mission Zero event in September, Catchpole emphasised the need to ensure value engineering does not compromise design by using cheaper, lower-quality products.

Whilst the drive towards net zero together with pressures on budget are adding additional challenges to engineers, the need to consider the whole carbon picture of a project, including embodied and operational carbon implications must be kept in sight.

Catchpole also highlighted the need for appropriate handover and training for those operating the buildings on project completion. The importance facility managers have to the building reaching its design intent for energy use cannot be overstated. Without sufficient training and communication between the building managers, operators and occupiers, it is unlikely the building will operate to the intended efficiency it was designed at. CIBSE’s updated Guide M, launching on 28 September, will be an essential guide for facilities managers and building operators in supporting them in their roles, and is another example of leading CIBSE guidance.

Catchpole thanked Swegon for their ongoing support for CIBSE. They are sponsoring the CIBSE Young Engineers Awards in October, and headline sponsor for the CIBSE Technical Symposium 2024.

For details of the Guide M launch visit:


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