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CIBSE responds to concerning gender diversity trends in construction sector
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CIBSE responds to concerning gender diversity trends in construction sector

18 Mar 24

In response to the recent report by Creditsafe highlighting the construction sector's persistent struggle with gender diversity, the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) has issued a statement addressing the issue.

The report underscores the slow progress in appointing women to key decision-making positions on company boards within the construction sector. According to the Women in Business report, only twenty-one percent of firms operating within the construction sector boast female representation at the directorial level, marking the lowest figure across all sectors in the UK.

Dr. Anastasia Mylona, CIBSE's Technical Director, expressed disappointment at these findings, stating, "Although this is an improvement from previous decades, it is still disappointing that female representation is so low at top roles in our industry. The innovation necessary in solving our industry’s future problems will require alternative and multidisciplinary thinking that only diversity at top level can bring. CIBSE’s STEM Ambassadors’ scheme is aiming at training more female engineers that will be the leaders of our industry and problem-solvers of the future." Dr. Mylona emphasised the critical importance of diversity at the top levels for fostering innovation and problem-solving in the face of future challenges.

Furthermore, the report sheds light on the concerning trend that male-owned businesses faced a higher risk of insolvency in 2023 compared to those run by females. This finding underscores the importance of diverse perspectives in decision-making processes to ensure the resilience and sustainability of businesses within the construction sector.

In response to these challenges, CIBSE is actively addressing the gender diversity gap through initiatives such as the STEM Ambassadors' scheme. Dr. Mylona highlighted the scheme's aim to train more female engineers who will become the future leaders and problem-solvers of the industry.

As the construction sector continues to grapple with gender diversity issues, CIBSE remains committed to promoting inclusivity and diversity to drive innovation and excellence in the built environment.

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