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CIBSE Technical Symposium 2024: Pioneering pathways towards a net zero built environment
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CIBSE Technical Symposium 2024: Pioneering pathways towards a net zero built environment

15 Apr 24

The 2024 CIBSE Technical Symposium, hosted at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University, brought together leading minds in the field of building services engineering to tackle one of the most pressing challenges of our time: ensuring that our buildings are "Fit for 2050." The event, aptly themed "Delivering buildings and defining performance for a net zero built environment," provided a platform for experts to delve into the intricacies of achieving sustainable, safe and healthy built environments in the face of digital transformation, climate change impacts and evolving safety standards.

Spanning two days of insightful discussions, peer-reviewed papers and presentations, the Symposium showcased cutting-edge developments in practice, technology and policy. Attendees were treated to a wealth of knowledge aimed at empowering building services engineers with the tools and guidance necessary to navigate the complex landscape of sustainability and performance.

The event's gold sponsors, EATON and MASON UK LTD, alongside silver sponsors ADEY Commercial, Carrier, IES, Mitsubishi Electric, Strebel and Klima-Therm, demonstrated a shared commitment to driving innovation and fostering collaboration within the industry.

Adrian Catchpole, CIBSE President, set the tone for the Symposium with an inspiring opening address on day one. Welcoming a sold-out crowd, Adrian underscored the significance of the Symposium's agenda and expressed his enthusiasm for the robust program ahead.

Throughout the Symposium, attendees were treated to a diverse array of sessions covering topics such as meeting net zero carbon initiatives, leveraging digital innovations and promoting health and wellbeing in the built environment. From case studies showcasing successful sustainability initiatives to in-depth technical presentations on the latest advancements in building performance optimisation, each session offered valuable insights and actionable takeaways.

Key highlights included discussions on leveraging data analytics to drive energy efficiency, integrating renewable energy systems into building design and adopting holistic approaches to indoor environmental quality. Moreover, the Symposium provided a platform for practitioners to exchange ideas, share best practices and forge meaningful connections with peers and industry leaders.

As the Symposium drew to a close, attendees departed armed with newfound knowledge, inspiration and a renewed sense of purpose. The conversations sparked and connections made during the event are sure to reverberate throughout the industry, paving the way for a more sustainable, resilient and prosperous built environment for generations to come.

The 2024 CIBSE Technical Symposium in Cardiff served as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation and collective action in shaping a future where our buildings not only meet the needs of today but also stand as beacons of sustainability and resilience for the challenges of tomorrow.

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