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CIBSE unveils new guidance - CCA Commissioning Code A: Air distribution systems
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CIBSE unveils new guidance - CCA Commissioning Code A: Air distribution systems

13 Jun 24

CIBSE has launched a new guidance document, Commissioning Code A: Air Distribution Systems. This comprehensive guide outlines the setting to work, functional testing, and regulation processes for various ventilation and ductwork systems, ensuring a systematic approach to commissioning building services.

CIBSE's Commissioning Codes provide a clear, step-by-step framework for commissioning building services efficiently and effectively. This new code should be read alongside CIBSE Commissioning Code M: Commissioning Management and additional guidance from BSRIA and CSA, which offer detailed instructions on implementation.

Effective commissioning of buildings requires specialised skills and knowledge, as well as early involvement in the project lifecycle to influence key construction decisions. Combined with good maintenance practices, commissioning ensures a safe, high-quality, comfortable, and energy-efficient internal environment for building occupants. It also plays a crucial role in reducing carbon footprints during both the construction phase and the ongoing operation of buildings.

This new guidance is sponsored by Ashford Environmental Services, AWE (Atomic Weapons Establishment), CxAlloy, Sutton Services International and Taylor & Stapleton highlighting the collaborative effort to advance best practices in building commissioning.

For more detailed information, the full guidance document is available for CIBSE members and industry professionals, ensuring that air distribution systems are commissioned to the highest standards and it can be found HERE

Please note that there is also a Commissioning Code A: Air distribution systems webinar scheduled for 21 August 2024. You can register HERE

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