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CIBSE welcomes Climate Change Committee report

14 Dec 20

It is hugely useful and welcome to see not only the first carbon budget for a net zero carbon UK, but also a routemap to deliver it, and at lower overall GDP costs than previously estimated. 

The CCC's work provides a comprehensive and thorough review of scenarios, options, and recommendations for a just transition, which make it clear how government, industry and society should respond. 

The CCC recommendations for the building sector very much align with what CIBSE have been advocating: reducing demand and energy efficiency are essential, combined with electrification and building the supply chain for low-carbon heat. Hydrogen cannot currently be relied on to play a significant role nor reduce the need for all of these. 

The next steps are clear: turning this routemap into a regulatory framework for safe, healthy, and comfortable net zero carbon buildings. We very much support Lord Deben's priority ask to the Prime Minister: "get on with the change in efficiency and heating; there are too many people in cold homes, and this transition will also be the largest creator of jobs". 

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