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CIBSE welcomes its first Kiwi Chair for ANZ

29 Mar 20

The medal changed hands at the CIBSE ANZ AGM last month. After three years, Paul Angus passed his reign as Chair of CIBSE Australia and New Zealand to Mark Crawford, Auckland based CIBSE Member and Immediate Past CIBSE Auckland Chair.

A Pommie by birth, Mark has spent over 28 years involved in the commissioning of buildings in the UK, NZ and around the world. Highlights include Waterloo International Terminal, The British Library and the first Greenstar 5-star rated buildings in NZ – Meridian Building in Wellington and Telecom House in Auckland.

Mark shares his passion:

“It drives me mad to see all the effort of design and installation go to waste because the system has not been correctly commissioned. This has driven my passion for commissioning and commissioning management. It suits my character. 

Some of the unrecognised benefits of a well-managed commissioning process is the reduction in stress during the tail-end of a project.  Each service is commissioned in the right sequence to deliver the right outcome.  As the work has been planned in advance these activities are often only performed once, correctly.  This leads to happy contractors, a good hand-over process, good documentation and a delighted client.  It’s win, win, win!”

Recently, having parted ways with Beca to return to freelance work, Mark feels he now has more control over his time as a business owner and is able to give back to the industry he loves.

With the assured support for handover from his predecessor and what Mark describes as “a fantastic committee to work with,” the term of our first NZ based ANZ chair is guaranteed to be a success.

Based in Sydney, Phil Senn makes up the second part of the new ANZ Trans-Tasman leadership team. Mark goes on to add, "A great Vice Chair, Phil’s assistance will be paramount in the operation of CIBSE ANZ and will provide the necessary touch point in Australia with me being in NZ."

“Our work in Australia and New Zealand is globally recognised. This can be seen by the large number of ANZ recipients of the CIBSE Building Performance Awards over the last few years. I strongly believe sharing ideas across the Tasman helps our region develop quicker and stronger than working alone.

Even after almost 3 decades in the industry I still learn something new every day.  The spectrum of services that fall under the umbrella of building services is vast, with numerous exciting opportunities. Building Services’ Engineers make a difference to virtually everyone’s life in some way or other, often without acknowledgement.

As the first NZ based chair, I hope to encourage more Kiwi engineers to step up and get involved with CIBSE and industry bodies.  Engineers tend to be modest but passionate folk.  We all need to channel our energies into our industry.  As individuals we can make a difference.  As an organisation we can change lives.”



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