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CIBSE welcomes new regulations that enable the Building Safety Act to be fully implemented
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CIBSE welcomes new regulations that enable the Building Safety Act to be fully implemented

21 Aug 23

CIBSE welcomes the publication of new regulations for Higher Risk Buildings (HRBs) and the major changes to the Building Regulations that will enable further elements of the Building Safety Act to be fully implemented in England on 1 October 2023.

The changes, which implement what has previously been set out and consulted upon, will fundamentally reform the way that design and construction appointments are made.

Building Regulations (Amendments etc) (England) Regulations 2023 introduce new dutyholder and competence requirements for both practitioners and clients. Part 2A includes 17 new regulations covering the duties, competence and behaviour of clients, designers and contractors. 

Part 2A also creates the new roles and duties of the principal designer and contractor which apply to all buildings.

For those responsible for managing an occupied HRB or for managing building work in or to create a new HRB, there are two new sets of regulations. The Building (Higher-Risk Buildings Procedures) (England) Regulations 2023, which sets out the new building control system for HRBs. While the Higher-Risk Buildings (Management of Safety Risks etc) (England) Regulations 2023 cover aspects of the operational management of all HRBs in occupation.

The regulations revise the rules for deposit of plans and further embed energy related procedures into UK law. They also strengthen Regulation 38 on the provision of fire safety information, which applies to all building work.

As a professional body that exists to support built environment professionals in the pursuit of excellence, CIBSE would expect those who are competent and comply with the Building Regulations to adapt to the changes without too much difficulty.

CIBSE will be working together with the Construction Leadership Council and its constituent bodies to provide further industry guidance on these regulations and on how clients, principal designers and contractors and Accountable Persons can meet the new obligations in a safe, reasonable and proportionate manner.

These reforms are another welcome step on the road to rebuilding trust in the construction and operation of all our building stock following the Grenfell tragedy and another step on the road to building a safer future.

For further information from CIBSE on the new regulations visit:


CIBSE is holding an event on 28 September which will set out the new requirements of the building regulations and details of the Golden Thread and Key Building Information that will apply to accountable persons for an HRB. For further details and to register:

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