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CIBSE welcomes new transitional arrangements for building control inspectors registration in England
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CIBSE welcomes new transitional arrangements for building control inspectors registration in England

14 Mar 24

In a significant move aimed at addressing concerns within the building control industry, Philip White, Director of Building Safety for Health and Safety Executive (HSE), has unveiled new transitional arrangements for the registration of building control inspectors in England. The announcement comes as a response to the industry's apprehensions regarding the potential impact on the construction sector if there is a shortfall in registered inspectors by the legal deadline.

The Building Safety Regulator (BSR) has demonstrated responsiveness to the profession's concerns, recognising the balance between addressing industry anxieties and upholding the imperatives outlined in the Building Safety Act, 2022. These measures were initiated in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy with a clear mandate to enhance professional standards across the sector.

Key among the transitional arrangements is the introduction of a 13-week competence assessment extension period, commencing from 6th April to 6th July 2024. This extension aims to provide an opportunity for eligible professionals, meeting specified criteria, to continue their operations seamlessly. However, it is crucial to emphasise that this extension does not signify a delay in completing registration as a Registered Building Inspector (RBI), and there will be no further extension granted beyond the stipulated period.

"This is a very significant and welcome move by the Regulator to support the transition of the building control profession to the new regime and should provide a basis to avoid capacity constraints in the coming months", said Hywel Davies, Chief Technology Officer at CIBSE.

In welcoming these transitional arrangements, CIBSE underscores the importance of a collaborative approach to navigate the evolving landscape of building safety regulation. These measures not only address immediate industry concerns but also underscore a commitment to fostering excellence and accountability within the profession.

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