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Coming soon: CIBSE’s Building Performance Reimagined project
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Coming soon: CIBSE’s Building Performance Reimagined project

12 Jun 24

How might we re-evaluate what we value in buildings, considering our changing context more deeply, from technological advancements to environmental constraints?

What does 'value' mean in 2035+?

How will we measure 'performance' in the future of building design?

Join us on an exciting journey - using futures and systems thinking methods to anticipate change in our needs and expectations, explore possible futures for building performance and identify opportunities to shape the future of the built environment.

From individual benefit to collective social usefulness and from human users (user-centric design) to multi-species stakeholders (human and nature-centric design), we're exploring the very essence of what makes buildings truly 'high performance.' We're also exploring the broader societal implications and economic drivers shaping the evolution of our built environment.

Through extensive collaboration with experts across diverse fields – from neuroscience to technology policy, film production to economics – we're uncovering a rich tapestry of insights and perspectives. Key themes of Variety, Readiness, Connectedness and Emergence have surfaced, setting the stage for setting the stage for an entirely different approach to our roles, relationships and responsibilities in our practice and in the wider built environment.

Watch this space as we unveil insights and showcase CIBSE's leadership in shaping the future of the industry. Building Performance Reimagined launches in October 2024 and we are looking forward to unveiling our ground-breaking findings.

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