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First-aid bleed kits donated by West Midlands region
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First-aid bleed kits donated by West Midlands region

01 Apr 24

Two bleed kits have been donated to buildings in Hereford by the CIBSE West Midlands region.

The kits were provided by The Daniel Baird Foundation, funded by money raised at the West Midlands region annual dinner, and are designed to help people provide first aid to
reduce blood loss in an emergency until professional medical assistance arrives. The donated kits have been placed in two pubs in Hereford, and training will be made available to staff.

Dr Lynne Baird MBE, who founded the charity after her son Daniel’s death after a stabbing, spoke at the West Midlands’ annual dinner in November. The Foundation raises awareness of the importance of having publicly accessible bleed-control packs and is working to get them into as many venues as possible.

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