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Getting to know CIBSE trainer: Nick Fleckney
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Getting to know CIBSE trainer: Nick Fleckney

24 Apr 24

Nick’s pathway to building services engineering was slightly untraditional, starting with a plumbing, gas fitting and drain laying apprenticeship back in 1990. This path has given him a solid grounding in the application of hydraulic services design.

“Knowing the bookwork is one thing, knowing how to make that bookwork work and be constructible within a building is a whole other skill set!”

Currently based in Christchurch, Nick is Principal Hydraulic/Public Health Engineer for Mott MacDonald, covering a broad range of Hydraulic and Advisory work throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Described as “engaging” and “an awesome instructor”, we chat to Nick about his experience as an engineer and a trainer.

What have you enjoyed about your role in developing and delivering CIBSE training?

I really enjoy both the development and the delivery sides of the CIBSE training. The development stages allow me to work with my industry peers, each with their own experiences to draw extra pieces of gold to add into the training syllabus, whilst the delivery aspect allows me to really engage and interact to ensure those in attendance walk out the door each day with some additional knowledge not only to apply in their everyday job but that enables them to reflect and pursue a greater understanding on the importance Hydraulic Services plays in society.

What challenges have you encourtered as a trainer?

To be honest the biggest challenge over the years is making sure all the IT works on the day!

What topics within the Hydraulic Services Engineering trainign are you most passionate about?

All of them!

Tell us a little about yourself?

What aspect of Hydraulic Services engineering is changing fastest?

The digital aspect, the majority of design are completed in the 3D world now

Tell us a little about yourself?

Why do you think that it’s important that building services professionals keep up with their professional development?

Things change every year, codes, standards, new technologies, research findings, it is hard to keep up to speed with everything going on. The old saying you learn something new everyday is not far off!

If you could go back to your younger self when you started working in building services, what advice would you give yourself?

This is a hard one, my journey has been really interesting and varied, if anything, don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if you think they may make you feel silly!

Lastly, what would you tell someone who is consider working in Building Services?

Go for it! The Hydraulic services industry in NZ is small but so enthusiastic! I’d encourage anyone who wants to embark on a Hydraulic services career to fully immerse yourself in the hydraulic and plumbing communities, go to the events that both the hydraulic and plumbing industries put on, you will learn plenty and will also meet some great people whereby you will makes friends for life!

Nick's advice to anyone considering CIBSE's Hydraulic Services Training: 

The course covers a lot in 2 days, come prepared to take in as much as you can!

Click here for information about CIBSE's Hydraulic Services Engineering course

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