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Join CIBSE in celebrating the first #WorldVentil8Day on 8 November
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Join CIBSE in celebrating the first #WorldVentil8Day on 8 November

19 Oct 22

#WorldVentil8Day is all about raising awareness of ventilation and recognising the ventilation and clean indoor air community. 

#WorldVentil8Day has been initiated by a group of researchers and professional bodies, including CIBSE who are passionate about the importance of ventilation.

Take a look at the full list of supporters

CIBSE will be supporting #WorldVentil8Day by sharing some of the great work and stories from people who are enabling better indoor air in buildings around the globe. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to see the latest updates. 

Get involved, whether you are a ventilation professional or someone with a passion for fresh air in your building.

The inaugural 2022 #WorldVentil8Day theme is all about Celebrating Ventilation #CelebrateVentil8.

We want to shout about everything that is great about ventilation. How we can help people to improve ventilation in their buildings whether it be a home, a school, a workplace or a social space? Plus, we want to highlight ventilation's role in healthy buildings and healthy lives.

Find out more about #WorldVentil8Day 

Join on social media, engage in the debate, share your stories, thoughts and spread the word! Use #WorldVentil8Day and tag @CIBSE and @WorldVentil8Day

Buildings can be ventilated in a multitude of different ways depending on the age, design, location and purpose of the building. Natural ventilation uses windows, doors and other openings to allow airflow through a building that is driven by the weather – the wind or by temperature differences. Mechanical ventilation uses technology to enable airflows and ranges from a simple extract fan such as in a bathroom, through to complex ducted systems that provide air to a whole building. Alongside ventilation, there are a range of technologies to heat, cool or clean the air that can also be used to provide good indoor environments.


Sounds complex? Sometimes it can be, but there are many resources out there to help aimed at professionals and the public:

CIBSE Top Tips on Ventilation – summary of information on ventilation including how buildings are ventilated and some considerations for design and operation.

Ventilation in the workplace – HSE summary of how to manage ventilation in workplaces including a simple video and information on how to assess ventilation.

Breathe Freely– BOHS simple tool to help evaluate ventilation. This was designed for the pandemic but is very helpful for general assessment of ventilation too.

BESA guides to indoor air quality – links to several reports including a beginners guide to indoor air quality and more detailed guidance and assessment approaches

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