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Mission Retrofit report welcomed by CIBSE
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Mission Retrofit report welcomed by CIBSE

16 Oct 23

The publication of the Mission Retrofit report, focusing on the imperative of retrofitting the 85% of existing buildings that will still be standing in 2050 in order to meet net zero targets, has been welcomed by CIBSE.

Mission Retrofit ( MZC-Mission-Retrofit-Report_FINAL.pdf ( is the first report from the Building Mission Zero Network, convened by Chris Skidmore MP, which highlights the need for a clear strategy for the retrofit of our existing building stock and defines a National Retrofit Mission.

The Report focuses on existing domestic and commercial buildings and the public estate – the 85% of buildings used today that will still be standing in 2050. A further report titled Building the Future will focus on new buildings.

In launching the Report Chris Skidmore said: ‘Retrofit is the easiest and most effective opportunity we have to reduce our demand for expensive fossil fuels, enhancing our energy security, and saving householders money on their bills.’

CIBSE is a member of the Buildings Mission Zero Network, collaborating with other high-profile organisations within the building sector to develop the Report. Partners include the Better Buildings Partnership, British Property Federation, UK Green Building Council and a number of property and development companies.

In one contribution to the report CIBSE said: ‘If we accept that retrofitted buildings also improve health and comfort, then we must also accept that delaying retrofit will have social costs, as occupants continue to live and work in poor quality indoor environments.’

The Report was launched by Rt Hon Chris Skidmore OBE on 28 September, and forms part of the Net Zero Review, the largest engagement exercise on net zero with over 1800 written submissions and speaking to over 1000 companies and businesses directly.

CIBSE looks forward to continuing to work on this cross-party coalition and supporting the Report outcomes.

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