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National Registration Framework for Building Practitioners

10 Jul 20

Dear Members,

The following documents have been released by the ABCB, as a proposal of a national registration framework of minimum qualifications for core disciplines within the building industry: View Here

"The purpose of the NRF is to achieve national consistency in the registration of building practitioners across the jurisdictions to achieve significant economic benefits, improve the efficiency of the registration process through options such as mutual recognition and enhance public confidence in the building industry.

The NRF covers core disciplines in the fields of building production (design, checking, construction and inspection) building approval (approval to build, approval to occupy) and coordination (project management). The NRF is based on registration categories, with specific disciplines within each category. Expert roles are included by endorsement within the appropriate discipline."

CIBSE ANZ have been consulted on this framework and collaborating with the ABCB on this matter, for the best interest of the industry.  We would encourage all members to review and provide any comments, which we will collate and respond to this framework proposal. 

We request your comments be sent to [email protected] by 7 August 2020.
CIBSE ANZ are also in the process of registering as an accrediting body in Australia.  We are currently liaising with the appropriate Government entities in NSW, where the legislation has recently been adopted.  We will continue to communicate with our members with advise of progress on a regular basis.

Kind Regards,
CIBSE ANZ Committee

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