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New CIBSE Building Performance Award celebrates digital innovation
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New CIBSE Building Performance Award celebrates digital innovation

10 Aug 22

New for 2023, CIBSE introduce Best Digital Innovation category as part of the prestigious Building Performance Awards.

With increasing digitisation in the built environment, this award recognises ground breaking thought in the field of digital engineering. It aims to shine a light on those innovations that have been successfully adopted, with demonstrable and continued impact on design and construction workflows.

“Digitisation of the built environment is going to be the big game changer in terms of building performance. Whether it is through streamlined design processes, smarter construction methods or the automated operation of a building, for predictable and repetitive processes, machines out- perform humans. Our task will be to create those automations and this award is to celebrate achievements in this field.” Carl Collins - Head of Digital Engineering, CIBSE

The Building Performance Awards are the only industry awards that focus on actual, measured performance outcomes. This category considers both innovations that facilitate improved performance of a design or construction team, and overall building performance.

Judges will be seeking evidence of how a problem has been acknowledged, assessed, and impacted by a specific digital innovation. They will also be considering implementation, how success is measured and the potential for continued impact. Entries are open to any organisation, in the UK and internationally.

Digital transformation is an essential component in the drive towards a safer, healthier, and more sustainable built environment. Improvements to design and construction workflow will contribute to an increased capacity for creative problem solving and collaboration. Room for co-creation and collaboration is essential in managing and facing new challenges presented by an increasingly changeable landscape.

This new award recognises digital innovation and interventions that contribute to improving existing workflows. It recognises the mutually supportive and vital link between digital what might be considered more traditional engineering. As the tools of the trade evolve, there is no longer a delineation between the two. This award recognises the benefit of combining thought, experience, and digital innovation to create better outcomes.

CIBSE and the Society of Digital Engineering (SDE) are committed to recognising specialists in digital technologies and processes in building services engineering.

Entries for the 2023 CIBSE Building Performance Awards close on 14 September 2022.

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